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UCLA High School Plasma Lab

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                               High School  Plasma Lab                                                                                           



                     Los AngelesTeachers Alliance Group (2022)


                                Main HSPL-UCLA web page                                                                            Why join  plasma?                   


                                         The High School Plasma Lab was open to all  students interested in physics. Due to the high demand

                                         on the part of high school students there was a waiting list for those interested. There are no academic requirements for being

                                         in LAPTAG. Please don’t send transcripts or other data. All that is required is a serious desire to do/learn

                                         experimental physics. We were looking for Freshman through Juniors in high school.  Students were notified as space was available. 


                                         We met most Saturdays from 9:30 am to 2 pm. Tours of the facility can be arranged.   

                                     The K12 teachers involved with the UCLA HSPL are Robert Baker (Wildwood School), Ken Marmie

                                         (Theodore Roosevelt Middle School in Glendale, CA) and Joe Wise (Wildwood School).

                                         We are currently looking for new high school teachers interested in becoming part of the High School Plasma Lab at UCLA.

                                         (5/1/2022)  Please contact Robert Baker or Joe Wise if you are interested.



Who We Are


Next Meeting      Plasma Formulary



Cami, Ben, Sam, Gabriel (seated), Samuel, Ohr, Miana


                               Pat, Nolan, Nathan, Shirin, Cami, Cavin, Joe 11/ 4 /12












 Plasma beam from  a   

 heated   filament parallel to the

 external magnetic field














                         Cami, Chris  at APS 11/ 12 /13



                          Gabriel, Cameron, Samuel and David 5/31/14                                   Ben, Miana, Cami, Gabriel, Sam and Samuel at Savannah DPP

                                                                                                                               meeting 11/16/15




Explaining the machine Henry, David, David, Joey, Vedang,

Thomas, Nanak 8/9/14















               Participants April 8

                   Alex, Kenneth, Ohr


                install electron beam emitter, look at behavior

                of beam at different magnetic field intensities



                                   Next Meeting 

                        Due to a heavy workload LAPTAG will pause.

                     Congratulations ! The poster presentation at 58th meeting

                  APS Division of Plasma Physics at San Jose was well received.


                                Capture images of electron beam at different magnetic field intensities and with a magnetic mirror in place.

                                Design a 3D positioner for the B dot and Langmuir probes. Must be able to tolerate 12,000 K,

                                survive at 10^-4 torr, must be shielded from outside GHz electromagnetic radiation, must use shielded

                                cable which can bend. Due asap






Review Maxwell's Equations 

Maxwell's Equations in 5 minutes

Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations

Maxwell's Equations in 45 minutes


Book The Plasma Universe.pdf  


Lectures and Talks

Magnetic Field due to a loop

Walter magnetic field 7_23_16.pdf

Walter magnetic field 7_30_16.pdf

BeamWhistlerWaves Lect 1              

Drift Wave Lecture A  9/27/14

Drift Wave Lecture B 9/27/14

Drift Wave Lecture 10/4/14

Correlation Lecture 10/18/14

Plasma Lecture 10/25/14

Correlation Lecture 11/01/14

Paper writing groups 1 1/3/15

Paper writing groups 2 1/3/15Save



Talk 1/17/15

Talk 1/24/15


Papers to read

Direct Detection of Resonant Electron Pitch Angle Scattering by Whistler Waves in a Laboratory Plasma

Mode Conversion and ocal Heating below the Second Electron Cyclotron Harmonic_H. Sugai.pdf

Whistler modes excited by magnetic antennas: A review  

Physics of Plasmas 26, 080501 (2019); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5097852

R. L. Stenzel

Physics of Plasmas Journal 


New topics

http://youtu.be/7WkIyBEAWYE  Cornell University Plasma Lab

Review of data aquisition




Entropy and Communications C. Shannon

Introduction to Linear Circuits ( Coursera Course Free )

Introduction to Python  ( Coursera Course Free )

Introduction to Plasma Physics ( Edx Course Free )

Why is there an I in Ohm's Law

 Electrical GROUNDS


Solved and Unsolved Problems in Plasma Physics

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

Van Allen probes

AIP Physics of Plasmas


Useful Software


Animations that might be useful





New Chamber                                                                                                                                                                                                         Old Chamber





Congratulations ! Cami and Chris 

won 1st place in the high school division

poster presentation at the Nov. 2013 APS meeting
in Denver.      



LAPTAG on  the Sept.2011  cover of the

American Journal of Physics !  

AJP Cover



Instructions for data analysis



Main LAPTAG-UCLA web page



Block Diagrams




Lab Book





Current Experiments

Student Publications

Plasma Device Start-up Procedure




Bernstein Waves      Yuhou Wang


Talk Preparation

Plasma Links

YouTube Introductory Plasma Lectures

Great Article from the New Yorker Magazine

 Russian contributions to ITER (Russian version)     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              LAPTAG Plasma Chamber


   Resonance Cones from a Point Source



Online Physics Textbook



Map to High School Plasma Lab

Map2 to High School Plasma Lab

UCLA  Building                                                                                        

1000 Veteran Ave, L.A. Calif, 90024                                                                                                                                

Rm 1117



Plasma Formulary




Plasma Resonance Cones Papers

 Introduction to Plasma Physics by F. Chen

Articles about LAPTAG


Bernstein Waves



Message Center


Robert Baker  


Main LAPTAG-UCLA web page



Website Counter










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UCLA High School Plasma Physics Laboratory

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