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Change tungsten on beam source(thinner diameter) 1/2/2009

We will meet today 12/30/2008

Bob, Joe, Max and Roland will not be at the lab this Saturday 12/07/08

We will meeting 11/29/2008

Joe Wise and Bob Baker will not be in the lab this Saturday 10/12/08

Walter, Bob and Joe will NOT be in the lab Saturday 9/06/08.

Try searching using the   "cuil"    search engine. Search  laptag Bob Joe and Walter will be in the lab Saturday 7/19/08


To Do:

             1. Isolate motors with rubber pads. 2. Pin worm gear to motor shaft.  3. Install data aquisition software.

Bob will be here 7/12/08


Walter will be here Bob and Joe will NOT be in the lab Saturday 7/05/08.


We need to know to which data set you are referring. Most likely the current referrs to the magnetic field and the voltage to the probe.


10/17/07 Hello my name is Jose and I'm part of the san jacinto physics club, and after getting to look at the data closer, I ask myself what is

the purpose of this lab other than finding the temperature of the plasma ? How will  this lab benefit all of us. What type of results are we

hoping to obtain? Is it creating any unexpected or unusual behabior or is simply somthing that we are expecting. I hope I can get any

explanation for your part and cure my ignorance, thankyou.


We do these experiments to gain skills in collecting information using the latest collecting instruments.

We practice making our own collecting devises. We practice using  the newest oscilloscopes and collect large groups of numbers and analyse them using scientific software.

We take these machines to their limits of accuracy to measure what other people cannot.

10/17/07 Hello from the Tigers of San Jacinto, we have a few questions regarding the 1st experiment, 7/21/07.

Are the voltages used referring to the voltage on the  probe? Are the currents used referring to the currents in the coils producin the magnetic fields? If so, how do these  affect the plasma density? And if not, could you please explain how your choice of parameters affect the plasma density?

As you vary the current put through a length of wire the magnetic field around the wire changes. More current stronger magnetic field. The magnetic field is perpendicular to the current and it depends on the direction of the current according to the right hand rule. As you make loops out of the wire you get a uniform magnetic field insde the loops. The more loops you have the stronger the magnetic field for a certain current. The plasma tends to stay near the source of the radio energy. The magnetic field lines provide a path of equipotential that the electrons can move to the rest of the chamber. So, the magnetic field can increase the density of plasma through the whole chamber.

Hello Matt, Zack, Pepe and Albert- I am Evan, one of the students at the lab. The amps refer to the magnetic coils on the outside of the machine. These coils  are used to confine the plasma so the particles won't hit the walls. In other words, the greater the magnetic field, the denser the plasma. The reason we did this was to see what the ideal current for the magnets was, so that we could see what the best density was. (more info on the best density later).

Hello, we are the student group from San Jacinto High School. Our names are Matt, Zack, Pepe, Albert. We are trying to figure out why you varied the amps. for the radial distribution of the plasma(your first experiment). How do the amps affect the plasma?

Hello from San Jacinto. Well not really. I am at home in Mountain Center. I had to put off our opening day till Monday. My group will introduce themselves Monday. See you Monday.



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