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Who we are

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The UCLA High School Plasma Physics Lab was conceived of and is maintained by the Los Angeles Physics Teachers Alliance Group (LAPTAG). LAPTAG is a University-Community College-High School alliance between  Los Angeles area High Schools, Community Colleges and UCLA's Plasma Physics Department. It is open to all interested high schools and community colleges. On this page you can find the websites and emails for many involved groups and a list of involved people. For more info on the plasma physics lab and the philosophy behind it see our publication entitled "Ion Acoustic Wave Experiments."  We are now studying whistler waves in plasmas.


Front Page

LAPTAG Website



Dr. Walter Gekelman

Dr. Patrick Pribyl

Dr. Stephen Vincena

Zoltan Lucky

Marvin Drandell

Yuhou Wang

Alex Latshaw

Peter Heuer


High Schools


Arcadia High School

Glen Liang- Joined June 18, 2009, Class of 2012

The Archer School for Girls - Cassia Sonderleiter (Teacher) 

-Rachel Biniaz, Class of 2009 (Attending Olin College of Engineering in Fall '09)

-Aly Lodge, Class of 2009 (Attending Cal Poly SLO in Fall '09)

Beverly Hills High School

Kenneth Cho


Buckley School (Sherman Oaks)

-Max Praglin - Joined June 2007, Class of 2010(Attending Stanford University Fall '10)

-Roland Hwang - Joined July 2007, Class of 2009 (Attending Princeton in Fall '09)

-Kevin Kuns - Joined April 2007, Class of 2008 (Attending Caltech in Fall '08)

-Ethan Hobel - Joined June 20,09', Class of 2012

-Christine Hovanessian Class of 2014

-Eric Hovanessian

Campbell Hall School

Jordan Sanders -Joined 2012, Class of 2014

Chaminade High School

Shirin Salehi    accepted Stanford University                                 

Christian Lau accepted University of Southern California

Shivraj Grewal  accepted University of Chicago

Brandon Fields Class of 2015


Cleveland High School

Gina Abakians

City of London (Great Britain)

Brendan Cowley (Class of 2012)


Crespi High School

Chris Wetzel  (founding student) class of 2000 Caltech


Culver City High School

Varv Miller

Hamilton: Humanities

-Saul Lopez

-Victor Lopez


Shawn Feldman, Class of 2009 (Attending  USC )

Daniel Bai (2012)

Steven Lee  - Class of 2014

Bennett Victor - Class of 2014

Hugo Bertram- Joined 2012, Class of 2013

Joshua Swanson- joined 2012, class of 2013

Cami Katz- joined 2012 Class of 2016 (Attending Stanford class 2021) 

Brianna Cooper

Samuel Buckley-Bonanno (class of 2019) ( Will be attending Harvard class 2022 in physics)

Alec Katz (class of 2019)( Will be attending Stanford class of 2022

Jenna Wong (class of 2019)


Hollywood High School

Bryan Kim - Joined July 2010


Huntington Beach High School

Sowyer Koelsch

Hannah Leou  (Stanford class 2020)


John Burroughs High School

Moon Hyung "Jacob"  Kim

John Marshall High School

Gabriel Bridges (class of 2016)

Samuel Thomas (class of 2016) (Class of 2020 Cornell University)

Cameron Evans

Gabriela Fontanesi

Joshua Ravishankar

El Camino Real High School

Cavin Mozarmi


Lincoln Middle School

Samuel Buckley-Bonanno (class of 2015)


Louisville High School

Clare Moynihan (founding student) class of 2000  Caltech class 2004 now MD

Elise Wetzel  (founding student) class of 2000

Mark Keppel

Elliott Cheung (class 2012) UCLA Physiology class 2015

Victoria Law

Millikan Middle School

Evan Robins

Shane Baxter

Mission San Jose High School

-Max Dornfest

New Roads

-Amy Lee - Class of 2011 (Class of 2015 USC )

-Gabriela Rosales - Class of 2010

-Eric Scaraglino - Class of 2010

Robin Wong - Class of 2011

Alexis Martinez - Class of 2012

Alejandra Cambonchi - Class of 2011 (Class of 2015 Boston University)

Emily Mendez-Class of 2014

Santiago Barocio-Class of 2014

Sam Wechsler-Class of 2016

Lucas Vincenzi

Nolan Windham - Class of 2020

Ben Indeglia

North High School

Cole Norcio 

North Hollywood High School

Nathan Agmon  Class of 2013  (Class of 2017 Princeton University)

Shaurya Jain  Class of 2012  (Class of 2017 University of Pennsylvania)

Chang Ho Lee Class of 2015 (Class of 2019 UC San Diego)

Henry Birge-Lee  Class of 2015 (Class of 2019 Princeton University)

Jamie Chang Class of 2015 (Class of 2019 MIT)

Vedang Patankar Class of 2015 (Class of 2019 UC Berkeley)

Josh Spiegel-Brown Class of 2016

Alexander Ke Class of 2018

Lyna Kim lass of 2019



Oak Avenue Intermediate School

Nick Song (Class of 2020)

 Oak Park High School

-Francesca Corley

Palisades Charter High School

-Evan Warfel - Joined 2005, Class of 2009(UC Berkeley)

Julian Scott - Joined 2008.  Class of 2010

-Erik Lopez- Joined 2010- Class of 2011

Dane Olson - Joined 2012- Class of 2013

Ben Wolman - Joined 2014 - Class of 2017 Earth Science Columbia University




Ohr Ben-Shlomo-Joined 2015 - Class of 2017


Perth & District Collegiate Institute (Canada)

Nicole Bamber

Peninsula High School

Brandon Yi

Daniel Byun

Robin Oh

Jeff Fischer

Chris Ha -class of 2014 (Class of 2018- Johns Hopkins)

Kijung Kim

Pilgrim School

Chris Han - Joined 2010   Class of 2011

Riverside School, India

Ninaad Adhvaryu joined 2012 Class 2014

Roosevelt Middle School

Akshay Kumar

St.George's School (Rhode Island)

William Kim - Joined 2011 Class of 2012

Santa Monica High School

Benjamin Grifka - Joined 2010, Class of 2012

Lucas Lafaro - Joined 2010, Class of 2012

San Jacinto High School - Mark Bonnard (Teacher)

Shalhevet High School-

Toby Bern

Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies

Hank Sneddon - Joined 2011, Class of 2012 (class of 2016 Harvard)

Abraham Hussain - Joined 2014, Class of 2015

Simi Valley High School

Alex Guziel

South Pasadena High School

Dongyoung (David) Kim - Joined 2013, Class of 2015 (Class of 2019 UC San Diego)

Joey Li - Joined 2014, (Class of 2015 (Oxford University in the UK to study physics Class of 2019)


Taft High School

Jenny Alch - Joined 2011, Class of 2012

Dean Hutkin - Joined 2011, Class of 2012

David Lowe - Joined 2013, Class of 2015

Dean Roloff- Joined 2013, Class of 2015

David Rower - Joined 2013, Class of 2015 (College of Creative Studies (CCS) at UCSB to study physics Class of 2019)

Topanga Mountain School

-Jason Novack - Joined 2008, Class of 2013

Torrance High School (South Bay)

Bailey Chabot -Joined 2013, Class of 2015

Angel Valdenegro - Joined 2013, Class of 2014


University High School_Irvine

Hari Garg - Joined 2012, Class of 2016

University Senior High School Los Angelesl  - James Ransom, Robert Baker (Teachers)

-Alvin Kim (attended UCR)

-Pardis Niknejadi ( Class of 2009 UCLA physics 2009,  accelerator school Illinois, PHD Physics University of Hawaii 2016)

-Reza Zarinshenas ( Class of UCLA physics 2010, iin  medical school  University of Wisconsin )

-Yulin Qing, Class of 2009 moved to Texas

-Peter Choo, Class of 2009 (Class of 2013 USC)

-Chloe Eghtebas Class of 2011 ( Class of 2015 Franklin Olin College of Engineering)

-Kenneth Wu joined 2011 Class of 2012 (class of 2016 UCB)

-Young Kim joined 2011 Class of 2012 

-Vikash Singh joined 2011 Class of 2014 (class of 2017 UCLA)

-Rebecca Lim joined 2011 Class of 2014

-Baixue C, Yang joined 2010 Class of 2012

-Natalie Orsi joined 2011 Class 2012

-Ninaad Adhvaryu joined 2012 Class 2014

-Elias Varon joined 2012 Class of 2012

Lillian Peng  Class of 2013 (class of 2017 UCLA)

Ahmed Gorashi   Class of 2014

Jonathan Delgadillo Class of 2015

Nehemia Abera Class of 2015

Samson Geremew Class of 2015


Westlake  High School

Andrew Ge- joined 2014 Class of 2017


Nanak Nihal Khalsa

Miana Smith-joined 2015 Class of 2017

Abraham Bradley


Windward School

Jason Novack joined 2012 Class of 2013

Walnut Grove Secondary School

-Jane Shin, joined June 2008. Class of 2010(class of 2014 Stanford)

Milken Community High School

-Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein, Joined 2009, Class of 2011

Home School

 Thomas Gosart

Community Colleges


Santa Monica College

-Avital Levi

-David Yermian

-Hai Nguyen

-Joe Weichman

-Ku Junmo

-Yong Keun Choi

-Elie Abedelsater

-Xueying(Carol) Li

steven reiner


Los Angeles City College


Demi Pinkus




California State University Los Angeles

Church Lieu

Walker Rice

California State University Northridge

Angelica Ottaviano


University of New South Wales

Allan Brik


Front Page


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