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Instructions for data analysis

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  • Download the zip folder
  • unzip files in the folder
  • rename each file adding  .cvs  at the name already there
  • open your spread sheet program
  • open one of the downloaded files in the spreadsheet
  • the spread sheet will recognize the .cvs file type 
  • .cvs is comma delimited
  • you will get a spread sheet with a a few lines about the files and two columns of data each 10000 rows
  • import both the A and B files into the spread sheet
  • set up your data so they start from the same row ( you can drag and drop)
  • in an adjacent  column go to a cell at the same beginning row
  • in the cell put =d1-b1    to subtract the baseline amplitude from the amplitude with the pulse present
  • select this cell and all the others below it till the end of the rows with data and use the fill tool to put all the differences in all the cells
  • graph the difference column by selecting the column then go the chart and create the chart
  • do this for all the different z positions


Example graphs.pdf  

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