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ucla-logo High School Plasma Lab


Los Angeles Physics Teachers Alliance Group (LAPTAG)






Main LAPTAG-UCLA web page   


The High School Plasma Lab is open to All  students interested in physics. We currently have a wait list for interested students. We open the program when we begin a new project. Students on the waiting list will be notified on a first come first served basis and as space is available.

We meet most Saturdays from 9:30 am to 2 pm. All students are welcome to join. Tours of the facility can be arranged.








      Dr. Walter Gekelman










 Please contact Dr. Walter Gekelman, Dr. Pat Pribyl,Joe Wise, Robert Baker, or Ken Marmie, Peter Heuer,  Alex Latshaw





Who We Are  


Next Meeting January 10
 Plasma Formulary






Pat, Nolan, Nathan, Shirin, Cami, Cavin, Joe 11/ 4 /12



 Plasma beam   

 from  a   

 heated   filament

 parallel to the


 magnetic field














Cami, Chris  at APS 11/ 12 /13





Gabriel, Cameron, Samuel and David 5/31/14


Gabriel, Cameron, Samuel and David 5/31/14


Explaining the machine Henry, David, David, Joey, Vedang,

Thomas, Nanak 8/9/14




Participants March 7

                     Josh,Ben, David, Samuel, Gabriel, Cami, Vedang

                          Prepare draft for Drift Wave paper


Drift Wave Lecture A  9/27/14

Drift Wave Lecture B 9/27/14

Drift Wave Lecture 10/4/14

Correlation Lecture 10/18/14

Plasma Lecture 10/25/14

Correlation Lecture 11/01/14

Paper writing groups 1 1/3/15

Paper writing groups 2 1/3/15

Talk 1/17/15

Talk 1/24/15


New topics


Entropy and Communications C. Shannon

Introduction to Linear Circuits ( Coursera Course Free )

Why is there an I in Ohm's Law




Next Meeting March 21

                                        Prepare draft for Drift Wave paper, talk for SCAAPT  April 25, 2015 at UCLA. 

NSTA Talk Assignment List

Final Student Talk Participant List

UCLA Science Day Sunday Nov 16


Congratulations ! Cami and Chris 

won 1st place in the high school division

poster presentation at the Nov. 2013 APS meeting
in Denver.               


LAPTAG on  the Sept.2011  cover of the

American Journal of Physics !  

AJP Cover



Instructions for data analysis



Main LAPTAG-UCLA web page



Block Diagrams




Lab Book






Current Experiments

Student Publications

Plasma Device Start-up Procedure




Bernstein Waves      Yuhou Wang


Talk Preparation

Plasma Links

YouTube Introductory Plasma Lectures

Great Article from the New Yorker Magazine

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LAPTAG Plasma Chamber

Videos                                                                                                                                                                                                        Resonance Cones from a Point Source


Online Physics Textbook



Map to High School Plasma Lab

Map2 to High School Plasma Lab

UCLA  Building                                                                                        

1000 Veteran Ave, L.A. Calif, 90024                                                                                                                                

Rm 1115



Plasma Formulary



Plasma Resonance Cones Papers

Introduction to Plasma Physics by F. Chen

Articles about LAPTAG


Bernstein Waves



Message Center


Robert Baker  


Main LAPTAG-UCLA web page












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